Limbeck Vinyl Re-issue

DOGHOUSE RECORDS is excited to announce a preorder for the first reissue of LIMBECK’s debut album “Hi, Everything’s Great” on vinyl. Includes the full  original album on disc 1 and disc 2 is the live version called “Hi, Everything’s Fine” that the band recorded with their friends and released as a companion piece to the album.  This initial pressing is limited to 1000 copies of the double LP on 2 limited colors as well as a pressing of black vinyl.  This is expected to ship June 1, 2015.  

Still available for preorder,  a special 10 Year Anniversary Edition of Say Anything’s classic album …is a Real Boy. The set includes the 13 original songs from …is a Real Boy as well as the 7 songs from the Was A Real Boy expanded edition and the song “Walk Through Hell,” all remastered for vinyl and pressed on four 10-inch records. Packages 1, 2 and 3 are all sold out.  Get your packages 4 or 5 now while they last.