Hi All, We wanted to update those of you that have pre-ordered the LIMBECK double LP. As we discovered on the SAY ANYTHING box set that we recently shipped out, it takes a LONG time to press vinyl these days. We tried to build this into our estimated ship dates but the pressing dates keep getting pushed back. Right now the LIMBECK vinyl is scheduled to be pressed in early September which means we hope to have it in the USA (it gets pressed in Czech Republic) in middle of September and then out to you. We understand that another delay sucks and we can’t honestly say it won’t happen again. If you would prefer not to wait you can get your money refunded to you. If you ordered a limited package then you would lose your hold on that package but we wanted to give you the option. We will keep you updated on the status as we learn more info and we are also going to find a special gift to send you all for being patient like we did with the unreleased SAY ANYTHING track we sent to everyone that ordered that. Thanks for your support and patience. Doghouse Records.