Chamberlain - Fate's Got a Driver (Deluxe Edition) LP
Release Date: April 21, 2009

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Chamberlain - Fate's Got a Driver (Deluxe Edition) LP

The long out of print classic LP is finally available on limited color vinyl with fully redesigned artwork. In addition to the 8 original tracks are 5 previously unreleased and rare tracks.

In addition, each LP will include a download code including all the songs on the LP plus additional b-sides and bonus videos.

Each order will be on white colored vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:

Side A Side B Download Code
  1. Her Side of Sundown
  2. Street Singer
  3. Yellow Like Gold
  4. Five Year Diary
  5. Uniontown
  6. Surrendering the Ghost
  7. Drums and Shotguns


  1. The Simple Life
  2. Uniontown (Split Lip demo for Anti-Matter fanzine)*
  3. From Infinity to the County Fair^
  4. Racing Cincinnati^
  5. Everything Here^
  6. Street Singer (Live at CBGB)*
*previously unreleased


  • MP3s of all songs on the LP
  • Additional MP3 B-Sides
  • Bonus Video Content
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