Over the past 25 years Doghouse Records has built a catalog of over 150 releases while also discovering and developing artists that have sold millions of albums and songs. All in all artists under the Doghouse name have sold almost 6 million albums and more than 15 million songs worldwide. The largest is the artist with Billboard’s biggest song of 2009, the All-American Rejects. Other artists like Get Up Kids and Say Anything have also sold hundreds of thousands of albums and songs. The label was mostly on hiatus for the past three years but is now back and ready for a strong return. Doghouse will be reissuing key releases on vinyl formats including the 10 year anniversary release of Say Anything’s seminal debut release from 2004, Say Anything is a Real Boy. The reissue is a box set with four 10-inch records and a bonus 7-inch with two unreleased songs. We have also reissued Limbeck Hi Everything's Fine, The Get Up Kids Four Minute Mile, Red Letter Day and Something To Write Home About.  Look for additional reissues by The All-American Rejects.