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CONTACT is Sarah Graziani, Matt Rhoades, Aaron Shelton and Jon Cabral. The band formed in Boston in 2014, when they began work on the songs that would become their debut LP, "Sleepwalk Into The Dark". Co-written by Graziani and Rhoades, the songs are reflections on the struggles of choosing to be an artist. "This album means a lot to Matt and I because it was a big departure for us when we began the writing process. We had experienced success with other music projects, but felt like we lost touch with who we really were as artists. Where in the past we had been writing this super-structured, very thought-out poppy music, we kind of had to re-learn to follow our instincts and to write from the heart. But it's been a very rewarding journey and we're so glad to have rediscovered our old selves again," says Graziani. The ten-song album features Graziani's unique vocal rasp dreamily floating over Rhoades' intricate electronic soundscapes. Part new-wave, part shoe gaze, "Sleepwalk Into The Dark" is set for and early 2015 release with U.S. touring to follow.


MANAGEMENT: Mike Bachta & Dirk Hemsath

BOOKING AGENT: Eva Alexiou-Reo, Fata Booking

LICENSING: Mary Kate Melnick, Words & Music

PUBLICIST: Leslie Cuc, Tell All Your Friends PR